“How to Survive High school”~ Study Tips

Hello, everyone! Today’s post will be about how to survive high school. This will be a series that I will go back to every once in a while throughout my blog! Before I start with the post, I just wanted to say that this is only for my high school, and I am in no way saying that these things are true for your high school. I am also not an expert in the subject (Is anyone?) and these are just some things that could help you through high school. Now, let’s get on with the post!

In the first post of this series, I will be discussing study habits. Before high school, I never really studied much for tests because I didn’t feel that I needed to. However, once high school started, I had to start studying pretty hard to get good grades. Here are some good studying tips I have found out that help me. Enjoy!

  • Find a good place to study! This, for me, is crucial. I enjoy going to coffee shops to study instead of staying in my house because it helps me to focus. (There’s also some pretty great food in coffee shops, let’s be real…) To find your ideal studying spot, try out different places and study! See which locations help you to study the most. After you find a good location, stick with it! Study there every time you have a big test coming up.
  • Get some good study music! The music you listen to really sets the tone for studying. I really enjoy having some laid back music with lyrics. This really helps me to focus on my work! Here is a link to the playlist I love to listen to. https://play.spotify.com/user/spotify/playlist/3InXOgDxJPeA05l6rQyDoe
  • Know what to study! When you sit down to study and have nothing to study from, that’s a major problem. Be sure to pay attention in class and maybe even take some notes to study from! If you don’t know what to study, ask. The teacher will be impressed that you care enough to study and at least give you general topics that will be on the test.
  • Don’t freak out! It’s a test. Yes, it does effect your grade, but there will be other tests in the year. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax. It will be over soon:)

Thanks for reading! Be sure to give it a like if you enjoyed. See you next weekend!

~Paige Kaylee:)


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