10 Steps to a Better You This Summer!

This summer, I have really thought about my health and happiness in general. I have realized that working out, eating healthy, and being productive, do not only help me to stay fit, but they also make me feel happier! Now, don’t get me wrong, I have days (many…) where I sit around on my phone. Although this is fine, I always seem to feel sluggish and, overall, not my best self. These 10, easy steps will help you to feel your best while you are enjoying the summer.


Whenever I exercise in the day, whether it be night or morning, I always seem to feel so much better. Whether I run, do some conditioning, or yoga, I always feel more energized and better overall. Now, let’s be real. I hate running. It makes me feel like I am going to collapse right there on the ground. Although I hate it, I usually force myself to run often to keep up my endurance. Conditioning is another workout I dislike a lot… Afterwards, I always seem to feel extremely weak. Once again, although I dislike it, I do it often to make me “stronger”. Yoga is something I enjoy a lot! It makes me feel SO relaxed, although I feel a bit stupid while doing it around others. If you are looking for some great beginner yoga, check out this video: https://youtu.be/v7AYKMP6rOE

2.Eat less sugar

Whenever I eat a ton of sugar, I always feel bad for eating it, and tired overall. Eating less sugar each day will help you to feel better about yourself and your health. One tip that I have would be to not keep any good sugar around. If you don’t have good candy, or any good desserts around, you won’t feel the need to eat them after each and every meal. 

3.Drink more water

Whenever I don’t drink water throughout the day, I notice a big difference in my energy levels. One great thing you can do is to keep an adorable water bottle around! This will get you motivated to drink more h2o! 
4.Do what you need to do

This one is pretty self explanatory and obvious, but DON’T procrastinate! Do all of your work you need to do so you don’t have any later. This will help you to not stress and enjoy a relaxing summer. 

5.Stay organized

Have you ever noticed that in the summer you become super disorganized? Because me too. I notice that I cannot find things I’m looking for, or that my room is usually a disaster. Staying organized can also help you to have and enjoy a stress free summer. One tip I have to stay organized is to clean your room weekly. This will keep your life a little cleaner, as well as your room. 

6.Get outside

Take advantage of the warmth! Get outside and enjoy summer. Chances are, whatever you need to do could most likely be done outside! Being outside helps me to feel less tired and a lot more happy. 

7.Sleep, sleep, sleep

Summer should be a time for rest, fun, and maybe a little work. Make sure that you catch up on some good Z’s before the school year starts again! This will help you to feels better overall and more ready to conquer the summer ahead of you. 

8.Get a great summer playlist

Summer is my absolute favorite time to listen to some fun, upbeat tunes. They help me to do all of the things I need to do, while also having a good time listening to music! I don’t quite have a great summer playlist yet, but I will inform you when I do. The link for my Spotify is at the bottom of my homepage! (WARNING will have multiple Troye Sivan songs.) 

9.Get some cute summer clothes

Summer clothes are the actual best. They are bright, fun, and overall super cute. Whenever I don’t know what to do, or I’m bored, I go shopping for some good summer clothes! I totally recommend grabbing some cute, summer dresses, shirts, and shorts. This will help you to get into the summer mindset, and have an amazing summer. 

10.Change things up a bit

Whether it be in your room, house, or even your style, change something about your life! I always find that during the school year I have no time to change anything, but during the summer I always find myself wanting to change things! Change can be a great thing to get you ready for the summer, and put off the school year blues.  

Thank you for reading! Be sure to like, follow, and comment down below if you have done anything I mentioned above this summer! Have a great summer! 
~Paige Kaylee:) 


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