How to Survive: Your Family Reunion

If you saw my earlier tweet, then you know that last weekend I was at a family reunion. There were many, many times in the first few days when I thought, “Wow. I have to blog about this.” Sometimes it was because something was funny, other times it was because I wanted to help you guys survive the situation I was in. So, without further ado, here are some things I have compiled to help you survive your next family reunion.

Life Hacks:

These are some life hacks I have put together to help your reunion go a little more smoothly.

1.Forgetting things

Let me tell you, you will forget something. Whether it be a makeup product, brush, or clothing item; these are some ways you can make things or live without items you do not have.

  • Concealer~ Mix lotion (Face moisturizer is the best option because lotion made for the body can cause acne breakouts, or allergic reactions.) and powder together to create a very light coverage, but working, concealer.
  • Mascara~ Using eyeliner as mascara is super easy and it actually works… Extremely well. Although liquid works the best, sticking a pencil or auto eyeliner in your bra to warm it or running it under warm water could make it liquidy enough to get a good layer of black on your lashes.
  • Highlighter/bronzer~ This is pretty obvious, but using a dark eyshadow as bronzer and a light, shimmery eyeshadow is an easy way to get a nice chiseled face and a fabulous, glowy face.
  • Eyebrow gel/powder~ Using chapstick as eyebrow gel has been a well known thing for a while now. It helps to keep your brows in line while also not being too greasy. Another use for eyeshadow is to use it for brow powder. Finding a shadow that really matches your hair color can work better than some eyebrow powders; especially if it has a really creamy texture.
  • Lipstick~ Using a nice, pigmented eyeshadow and a chapstick is a great way to add color to your lips.
  • Brushes~ Use a cotton swab to apply eyeshadow, lip gloss, and even eyeliner! You can use the fluffy part for eyeshadow or lips, and you can take the fluffy part off to line your eyes and lips.
  • Eyeliner~ As I am typing this, my mom is sitting next to me. We were discussing different uses for makeup products and she said that she once used mascara for eyeliner. I thought “Wow… Sounds… Impossible?” I then realized that using an angled brush, or cotton swab, and dipping it into the mascara would be the perfect eyeliner!
  • Brush~ It’s honestly so easy to just put some mousse and hairspray in your hair and call it good! You can also just put it in a simple fishtail or normal braid.

2.Getting away from someone who is annoying you

  • Have a hiding spot ready~ Get a good, secretive spot where you can hide out in case of emergencies. During my family reunion, I stayed in my grandparents’ camper, which I found to be a fantastic hiding spot.
  • Make up an excuse~ I always say something like, “I am so tired, I’m going to go lay down for a bit,” or “I’m hungry! I’m gonna go get some food.” These will not hurt their feelings, but also get the point across.

3.How to fall asleep faster

  • The 4-7-8 technique~ 4 second inhale, 7 second hold, 8 second release, repeat.
  • Eat foods with melatonin~ Foods like almonds, apples, cherries, bananas, and many more. These foods will help you to fall asleep easier and faster.
  • Try smelling lavender oil~ This is proven to help you fall asleep faster. The lavender helps to sooth you and calms you into a deep sleep.

What to pack:

  • Clothes to get dirty~ This may only apply to my family, but our reunions are on farms in small towns where there are ponds and mud around. These clothes are a life saver for me.
  • Nice clothes (dresses, skirts, etc.)~ These are always handy for dinners, or special occasions you go to during the reunion. Make sure you pack enough of these clothes, otherwise you will have to find a Walmart to get a cheap, but cute dress.
  • Makeup~ If you’re like me, you get no sleep, but you still want to look okay during the day. Makeup is a fantastic thing. Use it!

Car Ride:

Although my car ride wasn’t too long, it was still a bit boring. Here are some things you can do during the ride to cure your boredom.

  • Listen to a Podcast~ I completely recommend listening to Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig. She interviews YouTubers with interesting, pointless questions. Basically, if you are obsessed with YouTube like me, you will love this Podcast.
  • Listen to music~ My all time FAVORITE album is the Blue Neighborhood album by Troye Sivan. It’s relaxing while not being too mellow. Here’s a link to the Spotify album:
  • Color in an adult coloring book~ This is my absolute favorite coloring book. It’s adorable…img_9117

 Bonus: Funny Stories:

  1. I was in my grandparents camper doing my makeup. I was almost through my routine, (Post of it coming soon!) when I grabbed out my chapstick. I took off the lid which flew out of my fingers and into the air. It bounced around a few times then landed. In the toilet. My mom later fished it out of the toilet and threw it away. I still have the chapstick with no lid…
  2. While we were eating dinner, some people started a water balloon fight. We specifically told them to keep it away from the area where everyone was eating. Of course, my cousin who is always annoying (Well, not always) decided to chuck it into that area. It hit my mom’s plate of food, knocking it down into her lap and bursting on us both. After that, we kept away from the balloons.

Thank you so much for reading! Be sure to follow my blog, like, and comment down below when/if you have a family reunion! Thanks for reading!

~Paige Kaylee:)


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