School Supply DIY’s: Before and After

Every summer, when I get school supplies, I realize they’re either plain and boring or ridiculously overpriced. Almost every year, I do a little something to spruce up my supplies. This gets me more excited for the school year, while making my school supplies more unique and interesting. This year, I decided to take some pictures and write a blog post about it! So, enjoy my before and after of my school supplies.

I got a super simple pencil case from the Bethany Mota collection at Target. I also got some patches from Joann Fabrics to spice it up a little.
This is the finished product, which turned out pretty cute!


I just got some simple notebooks from Target, and decided to make them a little more interesting.
I also got some rub on transfers from Bethany Mota’s collection to add to the corners of my notebooks.
I simply cut out the transfer, then peeled off the backing and stuck it to the notebook in the place I wanted it. I then took something flat to rub the transfer onto the notebook.
Lastly, I took some mod podge and put this over the notebook to secure the transfer.
This is the finishd product, which I think is adorable.


The last supply I did a small DIY on were my folders. I got these folders with pockets from, of course, Target. I thought the pockets would be useful for me to decorate the folder, and I was right! I simply got some clearance stickers from a craft store and added them to the little pocket in the front.
They ended up looking very cute!

So, thank you for reading my blog post all about back to school, which, no matter how hard we try, we can’t avoid. See you next weekend!

~ Paige Kaylee:)


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