Where have you been?

So, it’s been an extremely long amount of time since I wrote here, and, to be honest, there’s no reason… At all. Basically, school has kept me pretty busy and I’ve been lacking some creative juices for a while now. That’s it. But, today I was sitting doing some homework when I thought: “Wow. I miss writing blog posts.” I’ve always had a fascination with social media and being known on social media. Not in a superficial way, but more so in the way that I want to inspire those around me. One person who inspires me the most is Zoella, or Zoe Sugg. She’s always so motivated to do important things that help other people and get stuff done. Now, I’m not saying she’s perfect, because absolutely no one is. However, she always strives to be her greatest which is what has helped me to come out of my shell and do some stuff that makes me uncomfortable. I’ve never discussed it much on here, but, like most people do, I have anxiety that sometimes stops me from doing things like going out to eat at a restaurant, or partaking in social situations. Zoe has helped me to open up and be honest with myself about things. I want to be that inspiration to someone else. So, after this very long, chatty post, I will be starting up my blog again! I may miss a few weeks here and there, but I will try my hardest. Thanks for reading.



Paige Kaylee