My skincare favorites

Ahhhh! It’s been too, too long. School has kept me so busy and I wasn’t feeling inspired or creative. Summer has helped me relax and regain some creativity, so, without further ado, let’s get into this post!

Skincare is one of my favorite things. Ever. Second to makeup, but a very close second. I’ve always had very bumpy, uneven skin. In middle school it got worse, so I worked on my skin. I started washing it (WOW) and using moisturizer. Throughout the years, my skincare has gotten more and more complicated, meaning my skin has actually gotten much better. These are my all time favorite products that I use everyday!


This stuff is the best. Every time I run out of this soap I swear that my skin rebels against me. It’s super good for your skin and is 95% natural.


I just recently got this scrub at the store, and omg, it has cleared my skin up so nicely. It’s super grainy and gets into your pores to deep clean them. I’m in love.


I really love this soap. It’s also very natural and leaves your skin feeling amazing! It’s a little more on the expensive side, but I ordered a huge thing of it so that it will last me a while. It is also meant to get every last drop of makeup off of your skin, which is amazing and super useful.


THIS MOISTURIZER. It has salicylic acid in it, meaning it gets rid of acne and textured skin. I got the Walmart brand, however, the name brand is Clean and Clear.


This cream is great. It also has the salicylic acid in it, making it amazing to clear up your face.


Masks are one of my favorite things. This one is from CVS and it’s really nice to relax in. It’s meant to deep clean your skin and purify.


This mask is so cool. It bubbles up on your face, making you look like you have foam covering your skin. It feels amazing when taken off and it’s overall just a fun experience.


So, this isn’t technically skincare, however, it is what I use for sunscreen on my face everyday. It has light coverage, but it’s incredible.

Okay, well, thanks for reading up about my favorite skincare products! I hope you enjoyed and can go out and get you some of these products because they are amazing! See you Sunday!

Yes to cleanser-

St. Ives scrub-

Philosophy Purity soap-

Equate moisturizer-

Clearasil 5 in 1- It’s possible that this isn’t even a thing anymore, however, they have these pads that would be similar!

Clay mask-

Elf foam mask-

Elf BB cream-


Paige Kaylee